New Guess Paper 1st Year Biology 2016


Guess 2016

1st year Biology

Ch 1

Bio in the service mankind (health,food,environment ) Biological method.

Ch 2

Carbohydrates,lipids,level proteins.

Ch 3

Factor affecting rate reaction

Ch 4

P.membrane.Golgi apparatus, cytoskeletion, lysosomes, mitochondrin,plastids

Ch 5

TWO Five kingdom cycle phage virus.aids

Ch 6

Structure of bacterial cell.nutrition bact.

Ch 8

Nutrition Reproduction,Basidiomycota, imp of fungi.



Ch 9

Anthoceropsidia, Evolution seed & leaf,life cycle adiantum,angiosperms,imp rosaea, solanaceae,

Ch 10

Protostomes & deuterostomes,parasitic adaptation platyhelminthes.

ordate characters.

Ch 11

Light,Dar reaction kreb cycle,Glycolysis

Ch 12

Nutrition insectivorous plants.stomach.absorption food

Ch 14

Ascent sap,blood,lymphatic system,transpiration,comparison open&close system.



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