New Guess 1st year chemistry 2015 -16

Guess 1st year chemistry 2015
Absolute zero, applications oe dalton law of partial presur, plasma, liquification of gases, london forces, hydrogen bonding,vapour presur, liquid crystal, charcteristics of crystaline solis , molecular solids, metalic solids, measurement of charge on electron, spectrun, x rays, qunatum nbs,vespr theory, v.b.t theory,hybridization,dipole moment, glass and bomb calorimetr, hesses law, phenol water sys.raoults law,solubility curve,hydrolysis,lead acumulator batry, measurment of electrod potential, electrochemical series,order of reaction, chemical and physical methods, energy of activation,factors affecting oe rate of reaction, catalysis and enzyme catalysis, exmaples of chap 1..3,4,5, 10,12,13,14.chap 8 ex no 2,4,5.6 exercise q no 22, 24, 25 *Practical* separation of inks ane ions by chromatography, nacl , benzoic acid. Acid base and redox titrations.
Lamha blamha ap k saath


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