Get a Flat Stomach and Lose Belly Fat in a Week


Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailFlat stomach is a dream for every girl. Some of them get flat stomach while some are those who do not ken what to do and how to do. So i am here to avail those girls. If you want to get flat tummy than the first step to realizing that it’s going to take some strenuous exertion. I am not going to apportion a miracle thing everything takes time. There are few tips which avail you to tone your belly expeditious. You will see and feel difference even in one week. Just follow these exercises and tips to get flat stomach.


Exercise is a consequential thing. It’s going to take a strenuous exertion. You have to work strenuously and you will see difference within a week. I am going to apportion a week plan.

Pull your body in plank position, keep you body straight and then lower you body onto elbows. Hold yourself in that position for 60 seconds and reiterate it 5 times a day.

Hold yourself in the same position now utilize you one elbow and make yourself straight, hold yourself in that position for 60 seconds and endeavor to pulse your hips. Do the same with your other hand.

Now in this lay yourself onto ground, bend your knees and put your feet flat on ground. Take breath and hoist your shoulders off the ground. Do 15 crunches, and then reiterate it again. Do it twice a day.

Now times for v-hold. Lay on the ground and then hoist your beck and legs off the ground to hold yourself in v-position. Keep yourself in that position for 15 seconds and then lay down again then do the same and lay down, reiterate it 10 times a day without taking any break.

Put you body in that position and then windmill your arm around the antithesis side. Do 15 reps per side and do the same with your other hand. Do it twice a day.

It’s time for the last and the best part. Lay on the ground with hands abaft your auditory perceivers. Hoist your right shoulder off the ground and move it to left and do the same with left shoulder. Do it for 10 minutes and reiterate it twice a day.


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