2017 New Guess Paper Computer Science


Gusse 10th Computer Science  Ch 1 Complete Ch 2 Q7,9,10(1,2,4,10,11), 11,12,13 Ch 3 Q6,8,10,13 Ch 4 Q4,8,10,14,15,16,17
Ch 5 Complete Ch 6 Q9,10,15,16 Ch 7 Q9,12,13 Step to solve a problem, Flow chart & its symbols, Algorithm to find zakat, Flow chart to find the area of rectangle, Debugging & Errors. Documentation & Program maintainace, Direct & indirect modes, Variables & constants. Delete, new, cls, run, list, print, restore, read data. Go to, For loop(nested loop), Array, Print an array, Big arrays(imp). User define functions, Open & close statements. Go sub statement(imp), Pset, Line, File handling, modes of displaying data, Circle statement(imp), bit mapping, characteristics of MS-WORD. Title bar. Standard toolbar, Alignment, Drop caps. MS WORD screen, Spelling & grammar, Clipboard, Cut, Copy, Paste, Formatting text.



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