2 amazing ways improve your Google rank| achieve PR4 quickly|Tips to increase page rank easily


Google Submit Your Blog/Website Content

To Increase Ranking


I am going to introduce an another amazing Google website which will help you to increase your Blog visibility by submitting or reforming your website for Google search and will spread your website content across the web.


Go and Click  http://www.google.com/submityourcontent/


This page will open after clicking on the website


“Here you can find four Categories you can select anyone or all and you can submit your website ”



Select “Add Your URL”


Your submission will be complete just follow the same steps.

# 2

Increase Your Website/Blogger Traffic Via Google Plus.


Google+ is a great https://plus.google.com/‎ for blogger to increase your blog traffic , Its a great social network site which help in many ways .


Connected your blog/website first with Google+ so then when you publish your post there is google plus pop up to share your that post on Google Plus



Share your Blogger post with your friends increase the reader and comments of your blog .



Another way  how can you promote your content?

Facebook and Twitter can quickly promote your content and you will get exposure, traffic ,ranking and also, back links





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